Monday, May 11, 2009

i'm loving it...

the new single by bat for lashes, "daniel."

the song is really beautiful. the video kinda reminds me of those fruit of the loom guys getting stuck in bjork's "human behaviour" video.

but the guy in the end with the totally 80's karate kid headband is making me wonder if she's singing to daniel-san himself...coincidence? genius? the world may never know.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

this one's for the mothers...and Mr. T

so yeah, i know. i haven't posted in a while. but this being a special day when we all show thanks for our moms (and thanks for not personally being a mom), i thought it necessary to post this video gem. i hope you appreciate it by treating your mom right (apparently this involves NOT using "yo mama" jokes).

i still can't figure out why eddie murphy's "party all the time" was a HUGE hit and this somehow escaped the pop music charts and the cultural-idiom standing it deserves. i never knew mr. t was such a mama's boy AND an eloquent wordsmith. anywho, on with the show...

OH, and if you skipped out early, go back to the last 3 seconds when the illiterate chick from "Summer School" gives us some genuine words of wisdom. still trying to figure out if she did this before or after the aforementioned film. it's a pretty great cameo, as i've never seen her in anything else, ever.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yay! Tiga!

ok, so the 80's throwback thing is in full-swing. sometimes i'm a fan and sometimes it's annoying. but i'm finding myself very much a fan of this one. great/horrible green screen usage, stupid/amazing costumes, creepy old guy in bad suit.

it works!

weirdest video ever...i'm in love. plus, its helping me to recover from the awfulness that was this day's draw with Arsenal. damn those gunners! damn them!

oh, right....back to the video:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

fine american product: the BodySnake

with the BodySnake, you can "safely reach your between your legs"!!
just watch the commercial. really and truly, its awesomely bad*.

*see french-manicure hand-modeling.

and of course, proudly made in america!  
(free foot-scrubbing donut when you order now!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

yay! it's april!

the best part about starting a new month is that i get to change my calendar!  i realize that for most, this is probably not as entertaining or exciting as for myself, but maybe...just maybe, you'd be just as excited if you had a calendar at beautiful as mine...

ahhh, fernando!  the picture that they chose of you was not so flattering.  i guess, with it being "unofficial" they probably just picked whatever images on the internet that weren't copyrighted.  

anywho, i have chosen a much better one.  yay!  can't wait 'til may!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

video of the day (triple threat): INXS + The Easybeats + The Lost Boys

= magic.

so i was listening to The Easybeats 'cause i love them, and it came to my attention that one of their songs sounded extra familiar...and that's because in my boredom/cleaning-fest of last sunday, i watched an amazing film of my childhood, "The Lost Boys."

and realized soonafter that INXS had covered said Easybeats tune for the film.

so here you have it...great 60's band + hot 80's singer + teenage vampires from the '80s (not to mention the corys)!!!


A) INXS - Good Times with Jimmy Barnes - Easybeats

p.s. i wanted to be jami gertz for years after seeing this movie. that is, of course, until i saw her on "Still Standing." then i was just sad. banishment to CBS territory...who deserves that? no one.